Gold Coast To Be Home To Another Massive Skyscraper, The Orion Towers

Gold Coast may soon add another one to its list of residential towers. According to, an application was made for the development of another skyscraper in the area. The Orion Towers Project, as it is called, will be comprised of two towers. Tower 1 will have a height of 328 meters while the second tower will reach 274 meters. A curved bridge at the podium level will link both towers together.

Proudly Designed By Woods Bagot

The residential tower, which was designed by Woods Bagot, will feature various amenities and commercial spaces. Apart from the residential units, it will have spaces allotted for food and beverage stores, a five-star hotel, and a signature restaurant and observation deck at the apex. One of the main highlights of the structure’s design is the horizontal gold plating that would streamline the exterior of the tower as it tries to reach the sky. This would help emphasize the tower’s curved design on its facade.

Uniquely Designed Facade

The style of the residential tower comes with an articulated geometry. Through this, the view is directed outwards. The design does not only encourage more privacy to the tower’s residents but also emphasizes the structure’s unique visual appeal. The latest submission of the application comes amid a number of ongoing similar projects on the Gold Coast. The city currently has nine high-rise buildings, which comes at a height of at least 150 meters. These structures may either be hotels, residential, or commercial buildings.Among these is the Q1 resort and Spa. It currently holds the title as Australia’s tallest current standing building with a height of 321 meters.

Other Skyscrapers In The Pipeline

According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, there are twenty-two other similar projects currently in the pipeline. Another set of twenty is still in the proposed stages. Of which, two are currently under development. These include the project that was approved last September, the 89-storey Spirit 89 apartment complex and the 48-storey Wanda Ridong Hotel, which will stand about 170 meters tall.

The Orion is expected to be completed after 10 years. Although it will be much taller than Q1, the tower will not claim the title as the tallest building in Gold Coast. The likely winner will be the proposed 104-storey Imperial City Tower 1 residential building at Southport. It will come at a height of 335 meters and it is expected to be completed by early 2019. The tallest building in the pipeline is the Bond Building. The structure will be put up in Sydney and it will be comprised of 88 levels, which will rise to a height of 381 meters.

Nonetheless, these projects will make Gold Coast as the home to three of Australia’s four tallest buildings, either still being developed or already stand. With these many projects set to rise in the city, Gold Coast is still bound to remain as one of Australia’s hot spots for the development of high-rise buildings.